“So Simon Jones, what do you look like?” It's a question I was often asked by readers of ‘Meanwhile’ and other sites I have created. With that in mind I decided to compile a few pictures of me dating back to 1996 when I first starting publishing on the web. Yes I know, that seems a little egotistical, but I'm thinking this will save me time in the future when someone once again asks me what I look like.
Simon Jones 2004   Simon Jones 2004   Karen Burch, Simon Jones and Anne Metz. New Years Eve 2003.   Simon Jones 2003
Looking up at a reflection in an Portland elevator in the summer of 2008.
Taken in Boston Logan airport on January 1st, 2004 at the end of another trip to the United States.
New Years Eve 2003 at 'First Night' celebrations in Boston. On the left is Karen Burch, on the right Anne Metz.
Late 2003, at my studio in front of my trusty iMac and sporting blonde highlights put in by one of the hairdressers downstairs.
Simon Jones and older brother Peter   Simon Jones 2002   Simon Jones and 'Posh' Rachel Lindsay 2003   Simon Jones 2002
Out on the town in Birmingham with my brother, Peter (pictured on the right) and friends Darryl and Will.
Early 2003 at Harlech beach in North Wales. I've yet to go there and it be warm!
Early 2003 at Harlech beach in North Wales with 'Posh' (more commonly known as Rachel Lindsay).
2002. I really liked those sunglasses, but as with nearly all sunglasses I own, I ended up losing them.
Simon Jones 2000   Simon Jones 1998   Simon Jones 1996   Simon Jones 1993
2000 and a 'bug eyed' shot taken by the window in my new apartment above a hairdressing Salon.
1998. This picture shows me sitting beside a broken computer outside my old apartment at Park Road South in Birkenhead.
1996, a picture I took for the profile page of my first ever website which I unimaginatively called 'simon jones online'.
  1993, back in the days of my 'rock star' look. Of course, I never was a rock star, but what difference does that make I ask!
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