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We spend too much time looking at screens, so I should really encourage you to go and talk to someone in person, or pick up the phone and actually make a phone call to someone you haven't had a real conversation with in a while. That's what you should do, but if you need an excuse to look at your screen for yet more time, below is a list of websites I've created.

This is my blog, though maybe I should say it was my blog, because I haven't regularly updated it for quite some time now. It dates back to the 90's and you can read all kinds of notions and potions by me. If you're curious but don't know where to start, you can click here to read a random post.

366 PICTURES (Photoblog from the leap years of 2012 & 2016)
In the leap year of 2012 I embarked on a trip around the world that started and finished in New Zealand. I published a single picture and story from every single day of that year. It was an amazing year of travel and adventure that took me to 20 countries across the world, many of which I'd never been to before.

As the leap year of 2016 approached people began asking me if I would be doing '366 Pictures' again. Initially I said no. The project was intense and exhausting and I had no plans to repeat it. However, 2012 became one of the most rewarding years of my life because of the project, so literally on New Years Eve 2015, while at a party in Singapore, I decided to embark on the photography project once again!

In 2018 I'll be launching a new podcast called '5 minutes of somewhere' about the symphonies of sound that surround us all. You can hear a taster on soundcloud.

Started back in 1997 when I was working at the University of Liverpool, this is an online collection of articles written by me simply because I wanted to write. Originally known as 'Meanwhile Back in Reality' the name was shorted to 'Meanwhile' when I took up writing again after a short break.

POINT & CLICK AMERICA (Very old photography diary)
This is a little website I created back in 2002 while on a train from Seattle to Portland. It was simply a way I could share pictures from my trip to the USA with my friends around the world.

In 1999 I took a hand held tape recorder to the States in order to capture some sound bites from my trip as I couldn't afford a video camera at the time! I ended up creating this site and some 'MTV' style radio shorts for my friends to listen to online, shows that would these days be called 'Podcasts.'

Inspired by the site above I continued making 'Reality Radio podcast shows for a while. A second series in America was recorded as well as other shows covering various events like an eclipse, a road trip to Paris, and a wedding in Ireland.

MELT (I've got bills to pay too!)
I've been creating websites since the 90's under the name MELT. Working with organisations and individuals around the world from Europe to Australia, and India to the United States. You can hire me to bring your website to life, or to be your webmaster, taking care of the day to day maintenance of your existing website. Learn more here.